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Wish-list is a special feature available to only Shaadi Karoge memebrs, is a list of questions, you can select 10 questions you feel can get you better idea of the person you wants to meet.

You have option to make it mandatory for the members to answer your Wish-List before contacting you. Once you select questions, you can send wish-list to the member by clicking on "Send My Wish-List" next to his photo, once other person will reply, you will get email confirmation as well as it will appear in "WishList-Answers Received" on your "My Shaadi" page. "WishList-Question Received" on "My Shaadi" page will list if someone sent you Wish-List to answer, to know you better. If you want some new question to be added to the Wish List, please fell free to send email to admin@shaadikaroge.com

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